About Me

Stelios Stylianidis is Professor of Social Psychiatry at the Department of Psychology at Panteion University in Athens. He is the founder and Scientific Director (1989-2015) of the Scientific Association for Regional Development and Mental Health (E.P.A.PS.Y.). From 2016, he has been working as Scientific Consultant of E.P.A.P.S.Y. (NGO) and since 2020 he has been the Honorary President of E.P.A.P.S.Y.

Dr. Stylianidis is a psychoanalyst, and a member of the Hellenic Psycho-Analytical Society and the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA), as well as a group analyst, and a member of the Hellenic Society of Psychoanalytic Group Psychotherapy and the Société Française de Psychothérapie Psychanalytique de Groupe (SFPPG).

His past activities include being: Past Vice President of the World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Greek Counterpart of WHO for mental health, Chief Executive Officer of Children’s Psychiatric Hospital of Attica (2000 - 2004), W.H.O. Consultant (“Nations for Mental Health” Programme), as well as Director of the Community Mental Health Center in Chalkida (1989-1997).

Dr Stylianidis has professional experience (clinical work, research and administration) in France, Italy and Greece. He is a pioneer in Greece in the field of the reform of psychiatric services, linking Primary Health Care with psychiatric services in networking optimization. Dr. Stylianidis’ contribution is also significant in the field of user and carer movement in mental health, both on a state and international level, wherein he has organized and implemented interventions primarily on the institutional level concerning empowerment, application of recovery model, and human rights in mental health. He is very experienced in interventions for the supervision and education of professionals in mental health services, in organisations, in hospitals and in companies.
For the last two years, he has been practicing psychoanalytic supervision for the working group of the Programme for Psychosocial Intervention for Refugees, carried out by EPAPSY for the UNHCR, and he has made a series of conference presentations on the topic of mental healthcare for refugees and migrants.

From 2011 to 2017 he was scientific responsible for the research programme “Study of Involuntary Hospitalizations in Attica” and since 2018 he has been scientific responsible for the research programme “Study of Involuntary Hospitalizations in Greece”. It is a multicentric research programme, carried out in three major Greek cities, with the aim to evaluate the use of 2 involuntary hospitalization and coercive measures in Greece and to identify possible alternative therapeutic measures.

Dr. Stylianidis has been the author of over 160 scientific publications and has contributed over 180 interventions to the Greek mass media.

  • Stylianidis S., Stylianoudi M.G.-L & Chondros P. (2005). Prejudice and Institution, Change and Resistance: Dismantling the Children's Psychiatric Hospital of Attica. In: Georgiopoulos A. & Rosenmaum J. (eds) Perspectives in Cross cultural psychiatry, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Philadelphia
  • Stylianidis S., Pantelidou S., Chondros P. (2007). Unités mobiles de santé mentale dans le Cyclades. L’ Information Psychiatrique 83: 682-688
  • Stylianidis SF, Pantelidou SM, & Chondros P.C. (2008). Evaluation of the rehabilitation process in Greek Community Residential homes: resettlement from Greek Psychiatric Hospitals. International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation. 13(1), 31-38
  • Stylianidis, S., & Pantelidou, S. (2008). Intégrer la Sante Mentale dans Communauté des Cyclades (Grèce). L’expérience de Paros. Ville et Santé Mentale. Paris.


  • Epidemiological – Anthropological Research of the World Health Organisation (WHO Collaborating Centre of Lille) in collaboration with EPAPSY “Mental health in general population: images and realities”, Evia Island, Greece, 2004. Sample size: 900 people. Scientific Director: Stelios Stylianidis
  • Epidemiological Research for the prevalence of common disorders of the Scientific Association for Regional Development and Mental Health (EPAPSY) in the general population of Paros and Antiparos Islands. Paros, Greece, 2008. Sample size: 776 people. Scientific Director: Stelios Stylianidis
  • Scientific Responsible of the research “Social Exclusion and Mental Health in Metropolitan Athens” October 2010 - March 2011, 356 people, Panteion University
  • Scientific Coordinator of the European Project, Daphne III, Against Domestic Violence, September 2010 - September 2012

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